@ The Gold Prize @
@ The Teddy Bear Kaoru 
@ There once was a pretty teddy bear. He had lovely button eyes, and his tail was cute. But the teddy bear didnft care about that. He only thought about a child who would love him.
  For a long time, he lived in the toy corner of a store, but sad to say, nobody become interested in him. Everyone thought that kind of teddy bear was behind the times. @
One day, a little girl came into the store. She looked at the teddy bear and said, gHe is very sweet. His eyes look smart, donft they?h @
@  From that day, the teddy bear was the girlfs.
 Every day, the bear played with her. They built a sand castle, and they played hide and seek. They spent a very happy time.

 But one day, the teddy bear woke up and found the girl wasnft sleeping next to him. He looked around, but he couldnft find her anywhere. @
@ And then, a stranger came into the room. He started to put all the playthings into a sack. Getting scared, the teddy bear sat quietly on the bed. The stranger noticed the bear. He said, gThis must be thrown away too.h And he put the teddy bear into the sack.
@  The teddy bear was taken to a dumping ground. The next morning, a garbage truck would take him away. In the sack, he felt very lonely. He looked up the sky, remembering good old memories with the girl. gI want to go home,h he said to himself. gI donft want to go anywhere else. I miss her.h At that time, one small shining star fell from the night sky.
 Then, a cat came to the dumping ground. The cat found the bear and said gOh. Therefs a teddy bear. Maybe my children will play with it.h The cat took the teddy bear to its house. @
The catfs house was in the corner of the teddy bearfs house! That night, the girl found the teddy bear in the catfs house and was very surprised. gWhy! Itfs my teddy. Where have you been? I missed you so much!h
 The girl hugged him tightly.
 So, they all lived happily ever after.
@ The Silver Prize @
@ Blue Virus MM
 There was a woman called Hanako Yoshida. She lived in Japan. She had beautiful black eyes and brown hair. One day, she woke up and looked at herself in the washroom mirror, and she was very surprised because her brown hair had turned blue. The unexpected change made her worried. So she went to hospital 
and saw a doctor. The doctor said, gItfs a strange virus. I havenft ever seen anything like it. You need many examinations.h
 Hanakofs son lived in Los Angeles. He was called Taro Yoshida. He had a beautiful wife and a baby. He was called by Hanako and found out about her problem. He was very worried about her. So, he went to Japan with his family to see her.
 He was in front of Hanakofs house, and he was very surprised. Her house had a tinge of blue. He thought, gWhatfs happening?h
 He ran into the house and saw Hanako. He was shocked. Hanakofs hands were blue, her legs were blue, and, her face was blue. She was dyed blue. gAre you OK?h he said. gYes. But Ifm tired.h she said. gWhy?h gI have many examinations every day,h she said.
 gTaroh she said. gWhat?h he said.
gThank you for coming.h she said.
Hanako looked so tired. So, Taro decided to come back to Los Angeles. He got into a taxi.
Hanako looked so tired. So, Taro decided to come back to Los Angeles. He got into a taxi.   He looked back many times at his mother. He went home by airplane and by car.
@  The next evening, he thought, gWill my mother die?h and he felt very sad. gWhy was my mother dyed blue? Did she do something wrong?h he said to himself.
The next year, Japan was dyed blue and the virus crossed the ocean. Hanako attracted criticism. The crowd said to her, hYou are the god of death.h
 Hanako was lonely. The lonely old woman was sorry about the blue virus. 3 years later, the earth was dyed blue. Plants were blue, animals were blue, buildings were blue, and all people were blue. But, they had no other problems. And they got used to their blue bodies.
After the crowd was calm, Taro visited his mother. She was blue, and he was blue, too. Now, she wasnft lonely, because everyone was blue, too.
 Then Hanako and Taro and his family lived in Los Angeles. They lived a very happy life together.
@ The Silver Prize @
@ Hide and Seek Wakame Inu
There was a house on a hill. Jack was a high school student who lived in the house. He lived there with his father. His mother had been killed in a traffic accident 15 years ago, so he didnft remember her.
 One day, when Jack was doing his homework, early in the morning, a woman appeared suddenly and said, gYou! Play hide and seek with me!h
@ Jack was surprised. He wanted to refuse her request, but she continued, gYou are it. You count to 60. Then, you can seek me.h
@  Jack thought, gThatfs the way it goes. Only once. Ifll find her at once!h
 He closed his eyes and counted from 1 to 60.
@ First, Jack went to his fatherfs library.  He was still sleeping. Jack looked round the room, but the woman wasnft there. He got out of the library.
  Next, he went to the toilet. To his surprise, a red liquid was spreading. gWhatfs that?! Is it blood?h He smelled it, but it wasnft blood. gItfs tomato juice!!h He realized.
@ Jack went into the bathroom. He searched for the woman, but she wasnft there. gWhere is she?h Suddenly, something showered on his head. It was tomato juice again!
Jack heard the womanfs voice. She was giggling.
 But she was angry. gYoufre too late to find me!h gIfm sorry,h Jack said gbut who are you?h The woman looked shocked and said, gYou donft remember me?! Ifm your mother!h
Jack was amazed at that, and he fainted. 
  He woke up to find himself in the dining room. His father was across the table. Jack told him all about hide and seek. When his father finished listening, he said gYou donft know about her, do you? That was your motherfs ghost. She liked tomato juice very much. Maybe she wanted to play with you again!h @
@ The Silver Prize @
@ The Fountain Rotten Orange
There was a little boy in a small village. He was living in a house in the forest with his mother. One day his mother said to him gWhy donft you go and play outside? You can see beautiful flowers.h
The boy opened the door, and he was greeted by Mother Nature. He could see many trees and flowers, he could hear the sounds of insects and animals, and he could smell flowers, too. He ran after butterflies and he came to a fountain without realizing it.
He had found a fountain! @
@ It was a very small fountain filled with clear fresh water. The boy drank the water. And then a strange thing happened.
He saw something reflected in the water. It looked like a big city. Deep-black smoke was coming out of the chimneys.
 Then the scene changed.
There was a young man who looked just like the boy himself. The young man passed away quietly.  Actually, he was seeing his future. But he wondered, gWho is he?h
@ Luckily it did not make sense to him at that time. And then the reflection disappeared. He touched the water and leaned his head to one side.
 Suddenly the birds and the butterflies flew away quickly.
  The boy was worried about something. He started to run, and he went back home.
 Two years later, the boy moved to a big city. And the fountain became famous for fortune telling about peoplefs deaths. Is the boy alive now?
 Nobody knows.
@ The Silver Prize @
@ Takuya and the Socks Edel Love 
There was a boy named Takuya. He lost his right sock two days before, and he hadnft found it yet. Takuya put on his left sock and went to bed.
   At night, Takuya felt something strange and woke up. When he looked around, he found a boy on his bed. The boy really looked like him. But he had no brother! So he was really afraid of the boy.
   The boy looked at Takuya with angry eyes. He said, gWhat are you doing in my room? And why are you wearing my left sock? Itfs mine!h Takuya tried to talk, but he could say nothing.
    Suddenly, the boy got up. He ran toward Takuya. Takuya was upset and escaped from him. But he was faster than Takuya. Takuya was pushed to the wall.
 Takuya didnft know what to do. He was confused. gWho is this boy? Why is he angry with me?h he thought.
 Then the boy jumped and Takuya was almost kicked.
 gAhh!h Takuya shouted. And he was surprised. He was on his bed. Nobody was in his room. Then he understood. It was just a dream.
  It was five ofclock in the morning. Takuya left his room and went to the toilet. He was thinking, gIt was really scary, and it was a strange dream. Ifm glad the dream wasnft real. But, why did I dream such a strange dream?h
 When he went back to his room, he was really surprised. There was his right sock he had lost two days before on his bed!
 gIt is a mystery,h he thought.