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TESOL Denver USA  25 でSEGの授業を紹介


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TESOL Denver USA  25 - 29th March, 2009

Symposium on Extensive Reading (Friday 27th March)

Extensive Reading in the 21st Century:outdated? Or the way forward?

Taking part:

Akio FURUKAWA(SEG), Atsuko TAKASE(Kinki University), Hitoshi Nishizawa(Toyota Technical College)

'A successful ER program for Japanese students of all ages'

Lori Fredericks (Georgia State University)

'Facilitating Connections: Using Diverse Text Types for Extensive Reading '

Wendy Arnold (IATEFL YL Sig)

'Differentiated extensive and intensive reading schemes:variables explored'


Successful ER Program for Japanese Students of All Ages
Akio Furukawa
Atsuko Takase
Hitoshi Nishizawa
Colorado Convention Center - 103
3/27/2009 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
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A Successful ER Program for Japanese Students of All Ages

In Japan, the number of people engaged in extensive reading has been rapidly growing. There are two tips: a variety of easy books and SSR. Both have motivated all Japanese students to read extensively and have helped create a successful ER program with a great improvement in English proficiency tests.

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Presenter Akio Furukawa ; Atsuko Takase ; Hitoshi Nishizawa

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