What I have done
I’m Ben. I’m twenty six years old. I had a wife whose name was Kelly.
I lived in LA
But one day I fell in love with an Italian woman, and I started to meet her every night.
Then, the Italian woman said, "Let’s go and live in Italy."
I talked about that to my wife.
She said nothing, but she looked sad.
At, last I decided to go and live in Italy with the Italian woman whose name was Alicia.
But, one day, Alicia went to work at night. I was alone, so I took a walk. Then, in a window, I saw her with a man, I was disappointed, and, I went back to LA.
I went to Long Beach first, because I wanted to see Kelly.
She wasn’t there. I asked my friend John. He’s a surfer. He said,
“She went to a hospital. I don’t know well. I have her letter to you and flowers.”
I read the letter, and it said,
“Were you hurt to know I’ll never be there? It was you who chose to end it like you did. Don’t say you simply went your way. I’ll never believe you! So don’t try to find me!”
 I thought it cannot be helped. But, I went to the hospital, because I was worried about her. I could meet her. She was very surprised. She said, “Don’t waste your time on me.”
I said “I still love you actually.” She said “Yes, I know. But, I’ll die soon. Did you read my letter? It was….” she fainted suddenly. It didn’t take long until she died.
I went back to my house. And, I thought I made a big mistake. Now, I’m afraid of loving people.