This is Hanako Okada. She is a very cool girl, because she wants to have a sister. She wants to talk and play with her. But her father was dead when she was born, so she can’t have sisters anymore. She has beautiful brown hair and eyes, so she was a popular girl in her class.
 One night, she made a wish to the stars in her bedroom. “I want a sister. Please give me a sister. I don’t have a father, but if you can, please give me a sister….”
  Then, she saw a big falling star. She was surprised, and wanted to go and see it, but she went to bed.
 The next day, she went to school earlier than usual. When she got into class, some of her classmates came and talked to her. “Hey, do you know?” Today, a transfer student comes to our class. She is Japanese, and is very cute girl. Well, maybe her name is… “Yo, Yoki Yoko, maybe yes, Yoko Okada. I’m looking forward to meeting her….” “Oh, is that so? Well, I’m looking forward to meeting her, too.” she said.
 In a short time, a crowd formed around Hanako. One of them said “Congratulations, Hanako!” Hanako was surprised, and said, “Hey, why did you say that?” “Oh, what are you saying? Today is your birthday!” her classmates said. “Happy birthday, Hanako!”
 And then, she gets out of her classroom. She doesn’t like noisy people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have presents.
She wants to go away and relax. So, she goes to the toilet. Then, the transfer student came up to them. They were surprised. The transfer, Yoko, is wearing the same clothes and shoes as Hanako. Hanako went to her class. But, students went to see a new classmate, so there are no students. After school, Hanako speaks to Yoko. “Hey, what’s your name?” I’m Hanako Okada. Nice to meet you.” “Oh? Did you say ‘Okada’? I’m ‘Okada’ too. Yoko Okada. It’s nice to meet you, too.”
 Hanako runs back to her home without playing with her friends. “I’m home!! Hey, mom! I found a very cute girl who is wearing the same things as me. Her name is Yoko Okada.” Her mom was surprised and apologized to Hanako. “I’m sorry, Hanako. You are not an only child. You have a twin. Your father is still living. Your father and I got a divorce when you were one year old. Hanako was surprised. “Why didn’t you tell me that? Is my father still living? I’m a twin? I always said, ‘I want a sister,’ but I thought I did not have a father, so I gave up my wish. But it’s not true. I have a sister, and I have a father.”
 Next day, she went to school with a present. She wants to tell Yoko the truth and make friends with her. She found Yoko and gave a present for her and told the truth. Yoko was surprised of course, but she began to smile and say, “We are twins, and friends!!”