2 yeas ago, there was a woman called Mrs. Herbert in a town in America.
Her personality was very bad, and so everyone in the town hated her.
Her house was luxurious, gorgeous and spacious. She was self-centered, and she always boasted about her money.
One day, when she was watching TV, the door opened by itself.
She looked out of the room, and she saw a thin man standing by the room. She was surprised.

  gYou Shall Dieh the man said. She was so scared that she couldnft speak.
The man ran into the room and took the key and locked the door.
gYou shall die. I will kill you. I work day and night everyday, but Ifm very poor and always starved.
But you can play all the time because you are very rich because of your fatherfs work,
but you are always pouting. I canft understand! Oh, Ifm very angry.
Why am I so poor? I must kill you,h said the man as he grabbed the vase and walked slowly to her.
gOh, Ifm sorry. I didnft think anything of the fact that Ifve played all the time.
Ifm very sorry! Please wait! Donft kill! Please!!h the woman pleaded, but the man said,
gNo, I canft wait.h and he said gI will kill you. Die
cdiecdie,h over and over.
Then the lights went out. The man turned them out. She couldnft see anymore.
She wished that it was only her imagination but it wasn'ft. She was killed.
There was a pool of blood. A few weeks after, her father came to her house because he was worried
about her because he had called her many times, but she didnft answer. He knocked on the door,
but there was no answer.

  Then he noticed that the front door was unlocked!
He hurried to her room, and broke the locked door. He found her dead body.
And near the body, there was his daughter with no legs. She was a ghost. He fainted.
gDad, I will kill you. I was killed because of your money. But Ifm kind, so I will forgive you.
But you have to obey me. You must die and live with me in this house.
And when someone comes into this house, letfs kill him and make him live with us.h
After a few years, there will be a lot of ghosts in this house! And now, the house is called gThe Haunted House.h