His favorite thing
Rex is my cousin. He loved to study very much.
He always said “Studying is really fun!!”
He heard the telephone ring.
“Oh, This is Oxford. This is very bad news.
You are a very good student.
 So you don’t have to study!! OK? Good bye!!”
“Why…Why? Why did Mr. Oxford say I don’t have to study?
 I’m too sad.”he said.
“I want to study math. I want to study English. I want to study…everything!!!”
Next day before he went to school,
he couldn’t walk well. “I…want…to study…science.” he said.
In English class he was thinking.
“Shouldn’t I study English here…?” He was getting angrier and angrier.
“I want to study---------!!!”
He could not tolerate.
He stood in front of people and shouted.
“I want to study--!! I love to study. Why can’t I study??”
 Everyone in his class was surprised at his speech.
Mr. Oxford closed him and said
“Yesterday was April Fools'Day.” My cousin's face was red.